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About Hyperoptic:

Hyperoptic is the UK’s leading Fibre-to-the-Home provider, delivering a quantum leap in online connectivity. Its hyper-fast gigabit symmetrical service is over 56 times faster than the current UK average, and ten times the speed of its nearest competitor.
Hyperoptic works with freeholders, developers, property managers and residents to bring its award-winning services to residential and business developments, providing an unrivalled connection that increases the attractiveness of each property. It aims to have its hyper-fast service available to over half a million homes in the next five years.

Founded in 2011, Hyperoptic received a £50m investment in May 2013 from Quantum Strategic Partners Ltd, a private investment vehicle managed by Soros Fund Management LLC. The company was named ‘Best Superfast Broadband’ provider and “Best Use of Digital’ at the 2014 Internet Service Providers’ Association Awards, “Most Innovative Provider 2013” by Broadband Genie and “Best Urban Network Enterprise” at the NextGen 12 Challenge Awards.

Press releases

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Consumers can save up to £427 with festive deal from Hyperoptic

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28.11.2014 • By Hyperoptic

MP Meets With Broadband Provider Offering Gigabit Connection in Reading

Alok Sharma, the Member of Parliament for Reading West, on Friday 16th May 2014 met with representatives from Hyperoptic Broadband, an Internet... read more

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